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I have wanted to recommend great Japanese anime, but recently I have been busy at preparing for studying abroad in Canada and teaching English for primary school students, but finally things are getting done and I have some time to write blogs. So, I want to recommend some anime: the first anime I want to recommend is “Futari wa Precure Splash☆Star”.


Precure Splash☆Star is the 2nd separate continuity in the Precure Franchise. Before SS(Splash☆Star), Futari wa Precure was aired. As well as the first series, the main cures are two junior high girls, Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou. They met at age nine for the first time after they followed two glowing balls that flew towards the Sky Tree, a big tree situated on top of a mountain in their town. Five years later, they met again at the same place and became the new legendary warriors PreCure (Pretty Cure). Flappy and Choppy, spirits from the Land of Fountains, revealed that they were the glowing balls and the girls were chosen to protect the Fountain of Sun hidden in Saki and Mai’s world, which they refer to as the Land of Greenery. Saki and Mai are transformed into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret using the spirits. Later they are upgraded to Cure Bright and Cure Windy with help from two additional spirits Mupu and Fupu (SS is the only one Precure that has two types of transformation). The villains of this series are the Dark Fall, who are searching for the Fountain of Sun, the last of the seven fountains that feed the World Tree – the source of all life forms for all worlds. The Leader of the Dark Fall has set his aim on this tree, and it is Pretty Cure’s job to protect it.



Hyuga Saki/ Cure Bloom and Cure Bright

Saki is a cheerful athletic girl and she belongs to the girl’s softball team of Yuunagi junior high school and she is the ace pitcher. Though she is great at playing sports, she is poor at studying. Her personality is enegetic, easygoing and gregarious and she is a habit of saying “I’m on top form (絶好調なり!Zekkōchō Nari!)”. She has a younger sister named Minori, who admires Saki and she wants to be a player like Saki. Saki also has a crush on Mai’s older brother, Kazuya. Her name, 咲/ Saki can translate and mean “flower blooming”

Misho Mai/ Cure Egret and Cure Windy

Mai is a reserved academic girl and she is interested in arts and her drawing skill is so great that she is chosen to design a theme statue of  Culture Day.  Mai is very observant and aware, often noticing subtle details that could be neglected by an average observer. Her father is an astronomer, her mother is an archeologist and her brother, Kazuya, wishes to be an astronaut. Mai sometimes mentally supports Saki. In the episode 3, Mai notices Mai and her teammates playing is different and Mai shows them difference by showing her sketches. Her name, 舞/ Mai can translate and mean “beautifully flying dance”



Saki and Mai are known as one of the best duo Precures. Except SS movie, they never have quarrel with each other. Mai’s advice sometimes helps out Saki, on the other hand, Saki’s energy and cheerfulness reduce Mai’s worries.  If they were boys and girls, they would be a super great couple!



Flappy: Spirit of the flower, he likes to eat rice and ends his sentences with the word “lapi”. He seems to have a crush on Choppy, but she doesn’t seem to notice or understand his feelings for her. He functions as the transformation device for Saki to transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Bright.

Choppy: Spirit of the bird, she ends her sentences with the word “chopi”. She functions as the transformation device for Mai to transform into Cure Egret and Cure Windy.

Mupu: Mysterious spirit of the moon that appears in episode 24 and has some connection to Michiru. “Muu” comes from “Moon” (ムーン, Mūn?). He ends his sentences with the word “mupu”. The Kiryuu sisters once rescued Mupu and Fupu from a falling tree at the Fountain of Sky.

Fupu: Mysterious spirit of the wind that appears in episode 24 with Mupu and has some connection to Kaoru. “Fuu” comes from “風” (usually romanized as “kaze”, but the Kanji reads as “fuu” and means “wind”). She ends her sentences with the word “pupu”. Mupu and Fupu can use the powers of the moon and wind to power up Pretty Cure with the Spiral Ring Set, and they later serve as the power sources for Cure Bright and Cure Windy.


Villains are very unique and their names include word play. For example, the villain (left picture) named Kintoleski means a man who likes  mascle training (Kintole is mascle training and Suki means like). Villains in SS have many interactions with Saki and Mai, so they are loved among fans of Precure SS even though they are villains. Michiru and Kaoru are also very popular characters in SS. They are human-like appearance to transfer to Yuunagi junior high school and to get to know about Precure . They are cold to everyone  at first, but gradually they get to know Saki and Mai’s kindness and warm personalities.


Themes / Motif

Futari wa Precure Splash☆Star involves nature and 花鳥風月, meaning flower, birds, wind and moon respectively. In fact, faries’ names are also based on 花鳥風月, for instance, Flappy is based on Flower. The location modeled on SS is the real town in Japan, 湘南 Sho-nan where there is a plenty of beautiful nature. SS fans have respect for beautifully depicted backgrounds such as the sea, the forest, the sky and the earth. Although Futari wa Precure has many scenes of fighting scenes and dark and black atmosphere, SS takes values on relationships with friends, family and daily lives. Also, in SS, description to directly attack their bodies is prevented by using colorful and sparking color that is made by spirits (the original power of SS Precure), so even little girls may not be afraid of monsters and atmoshphere. Because of its theme/ motif, SS includes many meaningful stories like family and friends, so even adults can enjoy and can be moved to see them.


Thank you for reading!!

If you get interested in Futari wa Precure Splash☆Star, I’d like you to watch it, but A series of Precure franchise is longer than other anime: Precure has 50 episodes on average. So, I want to recommend some pick-up stories of SS. If you can enjoy them, you can definitely enjoy all the episodes!

Episodes pick-up

Episode 1, you can know why Saki and Mai becomes Precure and why they should fight with villains through this beginning story.

Episode 9, it is one of the heart warming stories. In this episode, Saki and Mai is suportive to to supporting characters Kayo (her voice actress acts Cure Pine in Fresh Precure) and Miyasoko (his voice actror also acts as Nuts in Yes! Precure 5 and gogo) . Kayo who is a class leader practices puppet play for children and she wants him to help. Why she is trying hard to do puppet play and the ending are very touching.

Episode 15, which focuses on Saki and softball. It is also heartwarming story. Saki gets in a slump because of Uzaina (constant enemies produced by villains). When she is worried about next game, her mother helps by giving nice and moving advice.

Episode 20, which focuses Michiru, Kaoru and Minori (Saki’s sister). Michiru and Kaoru come to human world as villains, but gradually changes their minds and thoughts through warm intereaction with Saki and Mai. In this story, especially, Kaoru shows consideration to the little girl, Minori.

Episode 38, very funny story! Saki is scouted by movie directer and she wonders what she will do for her future. The punch line is very unique and unexpected.

Episode40, exciting, moving and funny story. Saki plans to do something for Mai’s birthday, but she worried about what she should do. She decides to draw her picture, but she is not good at drawing. How does she complete her mission? Pay attention to funny interaction with Kintoleski. I want those who like comedy to watch Kintoleski episodes, epi 33 to 40. He is a gentleman and very good characer as well as a villain.

Splash Star is my second favorite Precure series franchise! I love this Precure because it has many heartwarming stories with friends, family and even villans. SS include many comedy and touching stories, so you can enjoy a variety of stories. I would like you to check Precure series. Precure series are for little girls, but their plots are easy for everyone to understand and very interesting and meaningful. Precure has many stories, so it seems to be difficult to start watching, but Precure has many great stories that usual anime do not have, so if you get interested in Precure, please watch a little! Precure has been aired for about 10 years and 10 series has been aired, so definnitely you can find your best Precure anong them!! Thank you for reading!!

I plan to write about my favorite Precure series next, maybe.